Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stylish Shelves for Your Equally Stylish Stuffs

It is easy for most people to get a plank of wood and install it in the wall to store and display books, vases, and other knick knacks. After all, what people will see are those that you put on that plank of wood, and not the plank of wood itself.

However, times have now changed. Furniture is not only about functionally -- its ability to do what it intended to do. It seemed that another component has been added in the selection of fixtures for homes and offices: style. With this, shelves, cabinets, and other pieces that once hold the valuables that will add beauty to a room can already stand on their own as pieces of decors, even when they are empty.

Take for example this gorgeous shelving system by Magis Furniture. The Elysee Shelving System in Painted Black - Set of 2 is already a sight to behold all on its own. Made from black painted maple plywood, this shelving comes with individual units that can be stacked or laid side by side so you can create your own composition.
Available in sets of two, you can combine the shelves in any way that you like. This shelving unit consists of either base units which sit on the floor or stacking units which go on top. It is available in either natural maple or black painted maple these are joined together with T shaped joints, which connect one single unit to another (these are not required when one unit is being connected to two units). Wall hooks are fitted to the side unit of the modules for extra security.

This masterpiece is designed by Italian Pierre Paulin for Magis in 2009, a design that was originally commissioned for the Elysee Palace for its then president Francois Mitterand.

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