Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eating with Ease and Style with Boon Flair’s Modern High Chair

One of the biggest challenges of having a toddler is getting them to eat. And it is not only about them being picky with their food choices; it is the whole process of getting them to sit still and not get their food anywhere. Any parent should be able to relate to this.

It is a good thing that baby companies are doing a good job in creating products that will not only make meals easier but enjoyable as well. One of these companies is Boon Flair. Their line of modern high chairs should be of great help to parents who find it a big challenge to feed their baby. Take for example the Modern High Chair in White and Blue.

Coming in bright and yummy colors, this high chair comes with no cracks and crevices, places where crumbs and other food items can get lodged in and be a pain for parents to clean up. In fact, this just might have been the sleekest and smoothest thing that should make cleaning very easy. It comes with a dishwasher-safe tray cover so you can just toss it in when it gets soiled.
It has two tray covers and a removable waterproof pad. With its five-point harness and  safety post, you are assured that your baby will be safe while you feed him, no matter how much movement he makes. It comes with six urethane casters to smoothly glide in all directions while protecting your floors and a single-step braking system to avoid potential disasters.

The Modern High Chair in White and Blue features effortless continuous weight positioning so you can position your baby in the best feeding height possible. And when it is not in use, its pedestal base allows it to easily fit under tables and be out of the way.

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