Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Comfy and Sturdy Chair on the Go by Magis Furniture

In most instances, a room is not complete without a chair. Of course, who would want to stand than sit? It’s a good thing that there are so many chairs available today in varying sizes, styles, colors, materials, and whatever variations that you can think of. And with the ever growing number of furniture designers and innovators, the list just seems to grow all the more.

Magis Furniture is one of those companies that have consistently provided us with quality furniture for sitting. This is one of the reasons why their customer base keeps getting large and they have remained on top. Once of their popular products is the Aviva Folding Chair with Arm - Set of 2.
Designed by Marc Berthier for Magis in 1979, this folding chair has had that much needed redesigning in 2010. This chair is exactly what it is -- it folds for easy storage and portability. Once it is folded, this chair will hardly take up any space and it is easily storable in the smallest gaps and corners. This makes it perfect for people living in small spaces. Take it out once you need it and fold it back up to regain your old space back.

One thing that sets the Aviva Folding Chair with Arm - Set of 2 apart from all other folding chairs is that it comes with arms. This way, you will have a place to rest your arms when seated, rather than awkwardly positioning them on your lap or elsewhere.

Made with solid beech, this chair comes with straight lines and slender dimensions. It is available in a set of two so you will have enough for you and a friend. And when you need more, you can always get more. It is available in two finishes, natural and stained black.

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