Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashion + Functionality with Boogie Woogie Wall Storage Shelves

Storage is something that any room needs, especially when we talk about children bedrooms. Sometimes, there is just an overflow of toys, clothes and books that having a single shelf or cabinet is just not enough – no matter how big it is.

Thanks to Magis Furniture, we now have a wide array of choices for storage systems perfect not only for kids but also anyone of any age. After all, we can always make use of some additional storage space in our homes. If you are more of a trendy mom, perhaps you might like one of the most popular offerings of this world-renowned brand: Boogie Woogie Wall Storage Shelves.

Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, these stackable shelves can be the building blocks for your big kids. It is comfortable, sleek and fun cubes that you can stack as high or as low as you want. Create a low row of display shelves for books or decorate an entire with them to display all your child’s toys. However you want to stack them, you are assured that you will have a functional and fashionable piece in the room.

Available in three different colors (black, white and red), you can pick the hue that will best fit your child’s room (and even yours if you want to have them!). This shelf is made of standard injection-molded glossy ABS, ensuring durability and stability for so many years ahead. Install can also install this in your library, living room, kitchen and even patio – wherever you want.

The Boogie Woogie Wall Storage Shelves is available in a set of two, offering you a starting point to create that storage wall by stacking and adjoining them. And if these two shelves are not enough, you can always get more.

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