Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Create a Playful Environment for Your Children with Bobles

To allow your children to explore their imagination and develop their creativity, it is a important that you create a playful and safe environment where they can do whatever they can do. You might prefer to create this environment right in your home. And you are not alone as many parents also prefer doing this. The challenge now is to pick the right furniture where they can play on.

Bobles offers a series of multifunctional furniture where children can play on and adults can actually sit on. The while idea is to enhance their motor skills while playing. One of their most popular furniture is the Tumbling Worm Chair.
The Worm Chair is perfect for children who have a hard time sitting still all day – whether they are in school or just at home. It is flat in one end and curved on the other, enabling children to silently be in movement even when they sitting on their desk. The very main idea here is that the child can also use the worm in different ways and play with it when they are in breaks.

The Tumbling Worm Chair would also be perfect to create an obstacle course. And aside from not making any noise, it will also not make any damages  to the furniture, floor and all the other fixtures in your house. It wipes clean with just a wet cloth and is free from any phthalates and toxins, ensuring that your child will have a safe play.

This chair is able to stand on its own and will influence the motor skill development of any child in a positive direction. But when combined with Bobles’ other tumbling animals, you will give your child a big opportunity for bodily development and motor skills.

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