Friday, November 23, 2012

Cool Clocks by Nanda Home

Your kids are going to love waking up in the morning with Nanda Home’s unique little time-teller, the funnily but aptly named Clocky Alarm Clock That Runs Away.

The Clocky Alarm Clock is one of Nanda Home’s patented creations. It basically does exactly what it says on the tin. Available in a sleek chrome finish, the clock’s alarm goes off, and then it scuttles away in an effort to get you out of bed, which is what the clock’s characteristic wheels are for. It discourages you from hitting the snooze button, if you don’t want to be dragged out of bed by a beeping little alarm. However, if you don’t need to get up immediately, simply take the wheels off the Clocky Alarm Clock before going to bed.

The clock is set to give you up to nine minutes of snooze time. After then, it turns on alarm beeps that go off in a random pattern, sounding off at up to 80 decibels complete with a flashing screen. It requires 4 AAA batteries that keep the clock running from six to eight months.

Another funky clock by Nanda Home is the Tocky Analog Alarm Clock. The Tocky Analog looks just a bit more modern than the quirky Clocky Alarm Clock That Runs Away. It also has the ability to jump off your bedside table and roll away. However, it does offer a bit more than that.

The Tocky Analog Alarm Clock allows you to record your own sound to serve as an alarm. It comes with a microphone and is also equipped with the ability to upload MP3s. You can wake up to Metallica, The Beatles, or the sound of your dog barking from miles away—the possibilities are endless. The clock is also operable with a touch-sensitive interface.

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