Monday, October 1, 2012

Stylish Diaper Bags for Hip Dads (and Moms)

Diaper bags are to contain a plethora of clothes and supplies for the baby. With many of the diaper bag manufacturers putting so much focus on functionality to get everything fitted and organized in, style has seem to have taken the backseat. And while this might not be such of a concern for some, a big number of fashionable moms and dads will have lunge around a big and bulky bag that is so devoid of style and personality. Then Diaper Dude comes to the rescue.

Diaper Dude’s line of is the cool and hip diaper bag is not only designed perfectly for the baby; it is also perfectly designed for them. One of their offerings is the Dude Bag Brown Faux Suede Guitar, a diaper back that rocker dads (and even moms!) will definitely not shy away from.

This cool and sporty sack comes with in the form of a messenger style with a load of handy features that are perfect for parents who are always on-the-go. Along with its electric guitar design, it comes with a stroller strap so you easily slump it on while walking as well as with faux suede stands that are durable enough for everyday use.

The bag comes with an ergonomic across-the-chest design so it is very easy and comfortable on your shoulders. Its wide adjustable straps come with a padded panel so putting them on and off is as easy as opening and closing the clips.

Style and ergonomics are not the only things that this diaper bag can offer. Of course, it also offers functionality through its storage capabilities. It has three exterior zippered pockets that will be perfect for wipes, food, bibs, and more. Its elasticized bottle pocket is very easy to reach come feeding time. This diaper bag will surely not break your style.

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