Monday, July 16, 2012

Playroom Storage Made Easy with Babyletto

As your kids grow, they tend to accumulate more and more stuff. You don’t need to settle for a cluttered playroom; Babyletto has a wide selection of child storage units that you can choose to fit your own family’s playroom.

The Babyletto Modo Kids Modular Kids Playroom Furniture Storage Wall Set is a good example of compact organization. Built in a beautiful espresso finish, this storage wall set was designed to maximize storage space; all you need to do is find a place in your playroom to put it, and then start organizing stuff in its various drawers and cubby holes.

This particular storage set features a metal glide system that keeps everything working smoothly, and makes for easy use of the dresser drawers. The unit includes five stackable units, one modular storage cabinet, and two modular base drawers. If you wish you can even add stackable units to the overall storage set. You can rearrange the units to your easiest and most practical convenience.

Another excellent storage unit is the Babyletto Modo Modern Modular Storage. Also referred to as “The Wall” because of its large size and numerous storage spaces, this storage set has an elegant espresso finish similar to the Modular Storage Wall Set. The Wall features a total of nine stackable wall units, consisting of three base drawers, four open storage cubes, and two storage cabinets. This is perfect for the array of essentials in a playroom, from extra sheets to books to clothes. It is made of pine and composite wood, and is designed to last a very long time with its solid build and durability.

If you need an extra drawer or simply prefer more minimalist design, the Babyletto Modo Open Cupboard is an excellent choice, offering four storage cubbies in one solid square.

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