Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dazzle Guests with Fascinating Lamps from Artecnica and Fatboy

If you’re bringing friends over for dinner, you can impress them with nothing more than just the lighting. For instance, the Midsummer Light Pendant Lamp was designed to exude just the right amount of light you need without overdoing it, as well as knock out a killer design while you’re at it.. While it was primarily built to offer a measure of illumination in the home, Artecnica takes it one step further by giving it a distinct visual style that I find rather to my liking

The Midsummer Light Pendant Lamp was designed by Tord Boontje, and immediately draws attention to it, featuring forest creatures and foliage that are highlighted further when you turn the light on. The lamp was made from Tyvek, an extremely durable paper material, making it resistant to ordinary wear and tear, fluctuations in temperature, and moisture. This extra durability is a good bonus for this lamp, as the designs on the shade is one of its main selling points, though it does give off a reasonable amount of light as well.

In the same line, Fatboy is a company known for the distinct styling of its products, and apparently its lighting appliances are no exception. For instance, the Fatboy Edison the Petit is a lighting unit that was built to be a portable alternative to Edison the Grand. While you’ll find that it’s a relatively smaller lamp, the Edison the Petit was made to be a powerful light source despite its size. In fact, it comes in three different shades of LED light, and can stay on for about six hours on high power, despite weighing just about 1.1 lbs. The LED light definitely takes a load off your electric bill, though it might make this unit a bit more expensive than most.  

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