Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colorful Modern Stacking Stool from Magis

Conceptualized by Stagano Giovannoni, the Magis Yuyu Stacking Stool has a design with an interesting play on modern minimalism. It has a relatively sleek build, with legs that taper down, and a nearly non-existent back rest that also serves as a handle for the stool itself.

While it might not be the most comfy looking piece of sitting furniture in the room, the Magis Yuyu stool is an excellent addition to a similarly styled home—modern, sophisticated and brutally utilitarian. On first look, you can see that this is clearly a stool meant for older children, as it does not provide the extra arms and back rest that reduce younger kids’ tendencies for falling over. This safety issue is practically eliminated for older children. Still, while the rest does nothing for the neck and shoulders, kids will find that it does provide a minimal amount of support in the lower back.

Probably a great deal of the stools’ appeal lies in the choice of color—bright and vibrant, though remaining minimal in its design at the same time. The stools are available in orange, beige or white, all of them in matte. The surfaces are easy to clean, though if you avail of the lighter colors there’s always the greater tendency for staining with crayons, paints or food.

The stool comes in a set of four, and they are stackable, one on top of the other. This is a big plus in terms of space, as well as portability should you need to move more than one stool from one place to another. There’s no problem with durability either: the stools were made from air-moulded polypropylene with added glass fibre, and the extra reinforcements make them good for outdoor use as well.

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