Monday, June 25, 2012

Rise and Shine with Nanda Home

Are you attempting to prepare your school-aged child for his future years in high school and college? You might want to start with getting him an alarm in his bedroom so you do not have to urge him to get up and get moving for school every morning. Well, there are so many alarm clocks in the market today and you might have bought the first one which will seem to do a decent job at waking your child up.

However, the problem starts once he discovers the snooze button. And the fact that he can always turn it off and go back to sleep. It was absolutely good news that there is the Clocky Alarm Clock That Runs Away by NandaHome. This is truly a heaven-scent item for those who are having trouble getting up in the mornings (practically anyone can also use this).

This is the perfect alarm clock if your child (or you) is a snooze-button addict. Once its alarm goes off, this sneaky alarm clock will jump right off the table, runs, and then hides someplace, convincing you to really get up and look for it to shut it off. This is one wise clock as it will give you a maximum of 9 minutes, allowing you to use it three times before it jumps off of your nightstand. You also have an option to get rid of the wheels if you want the clock to stay put.

Everyday, early in the morning, you expect to hear running all over your son’s bedroom as he attempts to catch and shut off his Clocky Alarm. And once you hear that, you just smile as you know that he really is up and that there is no way that he can go back to sleep with all the running that he has done just to get to the alarm. This innovation is definitely something worth a place in bedside tables.

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