Friday, September 9, 2011

Shopping for Girls Toys – Boys Toys for Your Children’s Playroom

You could make your kids’ playroom more enjoyable and fun through the girls toys – boys toys from These toys are so cool that your modern children will surely love. They could play and learn new things with these modern playroom toys.

You could buy at the Smart Gear Toys Eco Playhouse. It is a 2-storey playhouse made of wood that includes 3 wooden dolls. It includes a kitchen set, a bathroom set and a bedroom set. This will encourage your kids to develop their imagination and creativity. This playhouse is for kids 3 years old and up.

You could also buy your kids at the Smart Gear Toys Grocery Shop. It is made of environment-friendly rubber wood and it uses non-toxic paints, lacquers, dyes as well as Formaldehyde-free glue. Its packaging is made of 70% recycled paper. The toy has a Red and White striped roof that can be open for a top access. It comes with a store clerk, customer and it is stocked with groceries. This will also encourage your kids to develop their imagination and creativity. It is suitable for kids 36 months and above.

Your kids will love the riding toys at You could buy them the Smart Gear Toys Ride-On Fire Engine is made of wood. It has a Bright Red color with fire engine decals. It comes with handles that allows the child to steer the ride-on toy. It also has storage under the seat. This toy improves your kids’ motor skills and their muscle development. This is suitable for kids 18 months and up.

You could also buy them the Smart Gear Toys Rocking Raffy. It has a back rest attached to its handles to support your toddler. It comes with a rattle. This toy is suitable for kids’ ages 12 months and up.

Shopping for these cool girls and boys toys at is definitely fun and these products will make your kids very happy. You are also assured that these products are safe for your precious kids.

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