Friday, August 5, 2011

Enhance the Look of Your Baby’s Nursery with Stylish Nursery Lamps

If you want to enhance the look of your precious baby’s nursery, you could decorate it with colorful, attractive and stylish nursery lamps. There are different designs and styles of lamps and lightings available at

One of My Urban Child’s room lighting products is the Offi and Co. My Pet Lamp Kids Ugly Duckling Kids Room Lighting and Night Light. It has a charming duckling design that will surely add a fun atmosphere in your baby’s nursery. It is made of a non toxic odorless plastic. It used a low voltage 12 volts replaceable light bulb.

You could also opt for the Piggy lighting also by Offi and Co. This charming pig room lighting is also made of a non toxic molded plastic which is odorless as well. It comes with a replaceable bulb that will give your precious baby a soft light at night.

You could opt for the Offi and Co. My Pet Lamp Kids Howee Pup – Childrens Table Lamp or Nightlight. It is available in several colors such as Sky Blue, Soft White and Sunset Orange. The lights all come with washable markers. It is made of rotationally molded plastic that is odorless and non toxic. It uses a 12v replaceable light bulb.

You could also choose the Mobi Technologies TykeLight WallMate. A nightlight is important for children to calm them since most children are afraid of the dark. You could set the light to Red, Blue or Green or in a color-changing mode that automatically dissolves through the brilliant colors to create a rainbow effect. It uses energy-efficient LED illumination which is heat-free and it has no bulbs to change. It automatically turns on when the room is dark. It has an easy-to-clean surface.

You could opt for the Mobi Technologies GloMate Plus. It is rechargeable and it has an easy-to-clean surface. It can also turn into Blue, Green or Pink and even in rainbow mode.

Your baby will have a fabulous nursery with these kids lamps or lighting products from My Urban Child.

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