Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Decorate Your Children’s Playroom with Modern Kids Benches

Your kids’ playroom needs some stylish, colorful and modern kids benches for them to sit on while in the playroom. These benches can also be storage benches. There are a lot of modern storage benches for kids today that provides ample storage space for your kids’ things such as toys, books, board games, etc. These benches come in very attractive and colorful designs that will add flair to their playroom.

You got to check out the Levels of Discovery Wild Side Bench Seat with Storage. This type of storage bench will surely enhance the look of your kids’ playroom and your kids will enjoy sitting on it. It comes in Cheetah and Zebra prints in Black and Ivory colors. It has a fainting couch design. It has a removable arm, back and seat cushions. It has a slow-closing metal safety hinge.

You could also check out the KidKraft Nantucket Playroom Storage Benches. This bench is made of wood and it is available in White and Pastel. It has 3 storage bins and the top of the bench can be used for seating or for additional storage. It has a sturdy construction.

If you want something versatile and space-saving, you got to check out the Offi and Co. Bench Box Modern Children’s Bookcase and Toy Storage with Pad for Seating. It has a wood finish. It can be used for seating or for storage. It is available with locking casters or steel rod legs.

You got to check out the Heller Bench. It is perfect either for the playroom or for outdoors. It is made of Roto molded polymer and it has a unique shape.

You could also opt for the Pkolino Soft Play Benches for Modern Children’s Playroom Seating. It is made of high density foam and premium vinyl. It is soft and lightweight yet it is strong enough to support an adult.

These children’s benches or playroom storage benches are not only very useful as seating furniture but these will store your kids’ things and make their playroom well-kept and organized.

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