Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trendy Furniture for Your Modern Teenager

Your kid is growing so fast. You could still remember the times when you were shopping for baby clothes and accessories, crib and other nursery furniture pieces. Now that your kid is already a teenager, you are now ready to shop for furniture fit for your kid’s age. You want to decorate your kid’s bedroom, and you must decorate it with pieces that your kid will like and it will match his taste and not only yours. You want something that your kid will be proud of to show to his friends. You want to shop for teen bedroom furniture that is trendy and at the same time functional.

My Urban Child has a lot of bedroom furniture for small kids and for teens. They have beautiful, modern and theme-inspired beds that your kid will surely love. They have different kinds of beds such as bunk beds or twin beds. You could also choose a bed that will match the theme of your kid’s bedroom. There are basketball-inspired beds, or if she is a girl, make her feel like a princess with a princess-inspired bed with matching canopy.

Aside from the bed, you must buy a good mattress for it. There are orthopedic mattresses that are good for your child’s back. Aside from that, choose the one that is made of organic materials. Check the mattress if it is safe, meaning it is chemical-free or non-toxic. Some products are made of harmful chemicals or materials. Also, you have to buy a mattress that is hypoallergenic. Your child might have sensitive skin. There are mattresses that are easy to wash and clean. Also, choose the ones that passed flammability standards.

Your teenager will need his or her own dresser. Teenagers love to change outfits all the time. They want to have the latest fashion trends. That is why your teenager will need extra storage for his or her clothes and accessories.

Shopping for trendy and modern childrens furniture or teens furniture can be done hassle-free in one store and it is at My Urban Child.

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