Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shopping for a Crib Mattress Perfect for Your Little One

A baby sleeps most of the time. His world revolves around his crib and as a parent you must ensure that he is provided with the safest and the most quality products in the market today. Just like a crib, it must passed safety and quality standards so that your baby will have a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. Same goes with the baby mattresses. The mattress for infants and toddlers must be made of safe and chemical-free materials. You do not want your baby to be exposed to toxic chemicals that will compromise his health. Also, you need a mattress for your baby that promotes good health, such as a mattress that is carefully studied by experts such as an orthopedic specialist.

One famous brand of mattress is Oeuf. It came up with an organic mattress that provides excellent support to your baby’s back and it is made of natural materials. The mattress center is made of 5-inch coir fiber. Its cotton batting makes a comfortable and firm cushioning. Its organic cotton cover is so soft to touch.

Another type of mattress is Naturepedic’s Original No-Compromise Ultra 252 Crib Mattress. It has an organic cotton fabric with a 100% Polyethylene food grade waterproof surface. The organic cotton material promotes a healthy and a chemical-free sleeping environment for your baby. It comes with heavy-duty border rods that provide a strong side and edge support. You will not need a dust mite barrier encasing because it has a dust mite barrier cover. In addition, it does not contain wool or latex, so you do not have to worry of potential allergies. Aside from that, since cotton comes from natural sources, it does not burst into flames when ignited. So, they are safer to use than other types of mattresses.

Your baby’s safety and health should be your utmost priority. Safety and health should never be compromised when it comes to crib mattresses. Do not choose based on aesthetics and price. You do not want to put your baby’s life at risk.

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