Monday, May 16, 2011

Modern Nursery Furniture and Accessories For Baby

While waiting for your new baby to come into the world, you can consider the latest, most modern designs in nursery furniture, bassinets, cribs, baby mattresses, lamps, rugs, strollers, and other accessories.

Browse through the internet for great ideas on how to decorate a modern nursery for your precious bundle of joy. Wise moms and dads plan carefully the theme and layout of the room, as well as the basic furniture necessary in bringing up an infant. You may select stylish and trendy furniture, but be sure to check out the safety features of the crib, bassinet, dresser, changing table, and lamps. You should go for smooth edges, lead-free paint, non-toxic plastic or hypo-allergenic stuffing in pillows, mattresses, bolsters, and stuffed toys. The ideal cribs are those with movable sides and different height adjustments to prevent you from straining your back as you lift the baby up or lay him down.

Look for furniture of the progressive type: there are cribs that can be converted into playpens or daybeds as your infant grows into a toddler. Your kid will find comfort in using his or her old familiar crib as a toddler’s bed. Dressers and chests of drawers in cool modern paint finishes such as black and white, or funky tropical colors, will outlast your child’s infant years and still be useful later. Wall décor or wallpaper can be easily replaced as your child’s taste preferences change.

Nursery furniture and accessories are well-designed to last for years. They are sturdy and eco-friendly, as long as you put a premium on the high-quality stuff, not just the fashionable-looking ones. Look out for cribs and crib mattresses that are made of high-quality material. Baby mattresses now come formaldehyde-free and non-toxic. Moreover, they are fire-proof and eco-friendly. They are firm enough to support your baby’s weight, and come in smooth, seamless finish or quilted surfaces. Check out these wonderful options through the internet or at your nearest department store. You will find well-designed, safe and comfortable furniture and accessories that you and your baby will enjoy.

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