Monday, May 30, 2011

Functional and Safe Products for Your Precious Child

In North America, there is only one company that exclusively distributes extraordinary, safe and functional children’s products that most parents prefer. It is only Scandinavian Child. These products include Cariboo, Beaba, lillebaby, Micralite, Svan and Anka.

Scandinavian Child All Terrain Stroller Kit

The company started in 2002, with the goal of finding and importing the best children’s products from all over the world. Its flagship product is called, “Svan High Chair.” It was introduced to the North American market in 2003. The company discovered that there was a high demand for functional, stylish and safe children’s products. This drove the company to have the safest and the most quality products from all over the world.

They have created a standard or a basis for all their products. That is, “designs without compromise.” It means that every product must meet their guidelines. One of which is style. The designs must be timeless and would match the home and the parent’s sense of style. Second, it is safety-driven. It should pass the mandatory and voluntary safety standards. Third, it must have usefulness. Products must be multi-functional and long term. They must have superior quality and service. Meaning, they must have long-term warranties and excellence in customer service. Most importantly, all of the products must be environment-friendly. They are lead-free, Phthalate-free, PBDE-free, formaldehyde-free and with low VOC paint. Every child is assured that he is using non-toxic products.

This extraordinary company has great products that will assure parents that they had made the right choice in patronizing their brand. One known product most parents are buying now is the Scandinavian Child All Terrain Stroller Kit. This is great for bringing your child for an adventure trek outdoors or for an afternoon stroll in the park. It comes with a convenient travel case in black color. It includes 2 all-terrain wheels for different types of terrain. It is compatible with a Fastfold stroller or a Toro Stroller. You and your child will have a great and fun time outdoors with this stroller kit, as well as the other products that they have.

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