Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Enhance Your Baby’s Room with a Stylish and Colorful Nursery Lamp

You could create a stylish nursery through its lighting. It would give a calming and soothing effect that your baby needs to fall asleep. Not only that, it would transform a simple nursery into a stylish one because of its fun and colorful designs. There are a lot of designs of nursery lamps or kids lighting. You could shop for these lighting systems at online stores or in a local furniture shop.

Mobi Technologies TykeLight WallMate

You could check out My Pet Lamp Kids Piggy Kids Room Lighting and Night Light by Offi and Co. This lamp has a pig design that would be a masterpiece in the nursery or a child’s room. It is made of molded pastic which is non-toxic. It uses a low-voltage replaceable bulb that creates a soft lighting effect in the room. It is available in hot pink color. The Piggy Lamp will surely be the perfect night light to your child’s room.

You could also opt for the Angora Cat Kids Room Lighting and Night Light. It is also uses 12 volts, low voltage replaceable light bulb. The charming cat design is available in hot chocolate color.

Check out the calming effect of the TykeLight WallMate from Mobi Technologies. You can set it to the color of the light that you prefer. It could be red, blue, green color or you could opt for the color-changing mode for a rainbow-like effect. It uses LED illumination so it is energy efficient, heat-free and no need to change the bulbs. It has an Auto ON or OFF photo sensor. It turns ON automatically if the room gets dark. It has an easy to clean surface. Most importantly, it exceeds Federal Lead and BPA level requirements. So you are assured that the product is safe for your child.

If you want to make your baby’s nursery to be chic and elegant, you have to invest on nursery lamps. Excellent lighting enhances the room and will make it alive and attractive. It will transform a simple room into a fabulous one.

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