Friday, May 20, 2011

The Best Baby Shower Gift

If you have a friend who is expecting a baby soon and you and the rest of your friends are organizing a baby shower party, you got to buy a perfect baby shower gift. Usually, what people give during baby shower parties are infant clothes or feeding bottles or diaper bags. They are too common. You might want to give your friend a crib for her baby’s nursery. It may sound expensive, but I guess it will be the most memorable gift that she will receive. Shopping for infant cribs, you could visit My Urban Child’s website. It is an online store that sells trendy baby and children’s products.

There are different types of cribs to choose from its catalogue. You could go for the classic and traditional design. Its traditional cribs have an elegant and classic look but they are convertible cribs as well. The traditional looking crib usually has a vintage appeal with a dark wood color. Usually it has a cappuccino finish.

If you want to give a modern type of crib, then go for the sophisticated and sleek design. The modern ones look compact but they are still convertible cribs. They can be converted into toddler beds and day beds. Some would even come with drawers underneath for storage.

If you are planning to give a crib for your friend’s baby shower, you might want to add a crib bedding set. It is nice to dress up the crib with crib bumpers, fitted sheets and a crib skirt. Depending on the sex of the baby, you could choose from its different colors and prints. Make the baby’s crib alive and stylish by buying a complete crib bedding set. You do not have to worry about its size because most crib bedding sets were designed to fit a standard size crib.

Your friend will surely appreciate your baby shower gift. Shopping for nursery cribs, you do not have to choose the expensive ones. There are affordable ones that look stylish and with good quality. Just make sure that it passed safety standards.

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