Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Infant Clothing, Baby Clothing, and Kids Clothing

Kids clothing should be durable and adorable, all in one. With eco-friendly options and modern designs, your child will be comfortable and stylish. Their wardrobe can expand with colorful and sweet items from several designers that take pride in providing options that meet these needs. Infant clothing should follow the same mantra, and with options from Baby Star your infant will be dressed in 100% cotton, organic, and formaldehyde free options in modern patterns. You will find a wide range of kids clothes at My Urban Child.

Baby Clothing

Baby Bottoms, Baby Dresses, Baby Sets, Baby Tees

Toddler Boys

Toddler Boys Bottoms, Toddler Boys Sets, Toddler Boys Tops

Toddler Girls

Toddler Girls Bottoms, Toddler Girls Dresses, Toddler Girls Sets, Toddler Girls Tops

Shoes & Socks

Pedoodles, Squeak Me Shoes

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