Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mobi Technologies: Where Function Meets Innovation

Mission: Mobi Technologies Inc. is built on the fundamental belief that consumer electronics and accessories should be designed around the needs and requirements of the individual user. Their goal is to bring about new and innovative technology while also elevating current standards. Mobi products are always tailored to the needs of consumers first. Their main focus is designing and making products with relevance to daily living.

Work: At Mobi it’s their people’s vision, energy, ideas, and talents that have created a company founded on the interests and needs of today’s families and lifestyles. They are constantly developing new products, improving on current technologies, and looking for means to achieve innovative design and function. Through their progressive approach their lines of products have expanded from comforting accessories for the juvenile market to personal awareness devices, computer and peripheral accessories, surveillance and wireless monitoring, software, and accessories for hand-held electronics. They believe in the endless potential of technology to improve the lives of consumers.

Philosophy: In keeping with their company’s mission of producing innovative, high quality, and safe products at a good value, they also believe in offering only goods and services that consumers can absolutely rely upon and trust will perform at the highest levels. With hard work and dedication they challenge themselves to always strive for excellence and to exceed their customer’s expectations. They are dedicated to giving their best to your family.

My Urban Child is a proud supplier of Mobi Technologies products to consumers all over.

Mobi Technologies Headphonies - Skully by Mobi Technologies:

Headphonies brings together the art scene, music scene, and everything fun in between. These ultra-portable 3-inch designer speakers feature thematic characters by various artists. Each one has a unique personality and attitude, but they all pump out the same amazing audio. Enjoy Headphonies wherever you go with surprisingly serious sound outside your headphones. Perfect for sharing with others. Headphonies may be fun little add-ons to your MP3 player or portable gaming device but they’re really big on sound with jaw-dropping volume and outstanding audio quality from any iPod, iPhone, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, even most cell phones and computers bringing art, music, and attitude together! Worry-free auto-power circuitry eliminates the hassle of remembering to power On or Off so as not to drain the battery. Stand them up on any flat area or take them along tethered to your player, clothing or backpack anywhere you go! Headphonies work with any MP3 player, most mobile devices, portable CD and DVD players, computers,pretty much anything with a standard audio output.

Mobi Technologies MobiCam Digital Wireless Monitoring System by Mobi Technologies:

New DigiLock Wireless with (FHSS) Technology for private and secure, noise-free performance. Extra Wide Camera Viewing Angle lets you see more of the room. Powerful Night Vision with 30 foot range for viewing in total darkness. Voice activated picture and sound with auto mute let
s you sleep better. Its transmission range up to 450 foot.

Mobi Technologies TykeLight RoomMate by Mobi Technologies:

A fun and decorative addition to your child’s environment. The TykeLight RoomMate can be set to green, blue, red, or color-changing rainbow modes which automatically dissolves from one brilliant hue to the next for fun, soothing lighting. With energy-efficient LED illumination it is heat- free and has no bulbs to change. And when the 15-minute timer is set RoomMate slowly fades out as your child falls gently asleep.

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