Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Airflow Collectibles: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

My Urban Child presents Airflow Collectibles line of reproduction planes, trains, cars and tricycles built out of Steel similar to the ones built back in the 30's, 40's and 50's. Choose from a variety of Airflow Collectibles vehicles built for both boys and girls.

Airflow Collectibles Vintage Style Silver Pursuit Airplane Childrens Riding Toy by Airflow Collectibles:

The all steel plane that was here over fifty years ago is back, with the same quality, specifications and appearance of the original. It was designed after the U.S. pursuit plane and built to withstand years of use and enjoyment.

Airflow Collectibles Old Vintage Lil' Red Riding Train Toy by Airflow Collectibles:

Now you can buzz around in the chug along in the Lil’ Red Train. Everyone will know you’re coming with the working headlight and bell. The train feature's an all steel construction, lead free powder coat paint, authentic steel cattle guard, high traction non slip tires, three position adjustable pedals and a padded seat.

Airflow Collectibles Brum Pedal Vintage Riding Toy Cars by Airflow Collectibles:

Based on the English cartoon favorite "Brum" this car will put a smile on any tike's face. With the Brum Pedal Car your child can cruise in his or her own "Bigtown" with this Superhero. Built under license from Ragdoll Productions, the car has been strictly designed in close conjunction with the original TV character. Made of durable steel, this Brum pedal car features gold hubcaps, high traction tires, a red padded seat, headlight shrouds, a movable crank handle, a spare wheel mounted on the tailgate, non slip pedals and lead-free powder coat paint.

Airflow Collectibles Vintage Road Hog Tricycle Rider by Airflow Collectibles:

You better move over because the Road Hog Tricycle is here! You will have the coolest tricycle on the block with the Road Hog's jet black powder coat finish, chrome rims, all leather seat, saddle bag and grip tassles. Do you have a future rebel or wild child on your hands? This tricylce is designed with child safety standards in mind, it is made of heavy gauge steel, and comes complete with sealed ball bearings in the front wheel, a functional headlight, solid rubber tires and an adjustable coil seat.

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Zack said...

a great source for modern collectibles would be a site like kookys. they have some great pens with your favorite pop culture icons on them! check out the link below for details.