Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Outdoor Bench for Kids

The Teak Rose Garden Bench by Jazty Kids brings to mind picnics in the summer. Not surprising, as it was designed essentially for outdoor use.

The Teak Rose Garden Bench is a nicely built piece of furniture—both solid and durable. It has a very outdoorsy look to it, futher emphasized by the golden teak oil finish on the wood, though the stain was applied directly to the surface, and the finished wood itself was not made with any potentially toxic chemicals. If your kids are going to spend hours playing on and around this bench, this is a particularly useful piece of information, especially if they are young enough to mouth at solid objects.

The bench’s design is rather straightforward, with enough stability to assure you it’s not going to topple over during rough play. Jazty Kids prides itself on the joinery techniques used to create its furniture, and while it looks fairly traditional, it’s not actually 100% made of wood, as solid stainless steel is made to reinforce certain points in the bench. Aesthetically, it appeals very much to simple but classic preferences. There aren’t many fancy curves to show, though there is a hand carved rose flower subtly carved into the back rest, just so it appeals to both boys and girls.

It’s really up to you on whether you decide to place this bench indoors or outdoors, though it does make a good indoor bench as well. If you do choose to place it in the playroom, make sure that there’s enough room to move around the bench. Although the edges of the bench are not particularly sharp and most of them are curved, very young children could bump into them.
The Rose Teak Garden Bench comes with a four-year warranty.

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